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Please be sure to send me a clear message with an appropriate email address (be sure to double-check), so I can contact you as soon as possible and offer the best help I can. However, I ask you to be considered when sending your message and, therefore, bear in mind that I will not be able to grant everything you ask.

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    However, if you need to send a photo, you can send it by clicking here. Alternatively, you may, if you prefer, e-mail [email protected]

    By the way, another way to contact Fernando. You might find me on social networks. You will find the links on this page. However, I strongly recommend that you contact me with the previous form or by e-mail if you need a quick answer.

    Meanwhile, I invite you to visit the blog since you may find the answer to many of your questions (this page has a search engine to make it easier for you.) A more pleasant wait after contacting me. I’ll give you a few links that you might enjoy:

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    These are a few, but you will find others that interest you as you begin to read an entry. But you can undoubtedly contact Fernando if you need it!

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